Todd on 04 Jun 2015

Azure AD Join on Windows 10 devices

General availability for Windows 10 is due on July 29, 2015. Satalyst Software Architect, Damien Herbert, attended the Microsoft 2015 Ignite conference in Chicago last month and heard firsthand about the many new features and capabilities Enterprise has to look forward to with Windows 10. One of the many that excites us is Azure Active Directory Join.

Azure AD Join is the functionality that registers a device with Windows 10 in Azure AD to enable centralised management. It means users can be connected to the cloud through Azure AD, enabling simplified Windows configuration and deployments. It will allow seamless single sign-on access from a Windows device to apps and resources in the cloud, such as Office 365 and plethora of business applications that rely on Azure AD for authentication.

Azure AD Join will work on devices that don’t have the traditional domain join capabilities. With Azure AD Join, Windows authenticates directly to Azure AD, so no Domain Controller is required. Windows 10 devices that are joined to Azure AD will also provide single sign-on access to on-premises resources when connected to the corporate network and from anywhere with the Azure AD Application Proxy.

Azure AD Join will bring significant flexibility and cost savings to the deployment process. End-users will be able to automatically Azure AD join during the initial start-up experience, which will register the device in the organisation’s directory and enrol it in Mobile Device Management (compatible with Microsoft Intune and with 3rd party MDMs). End-users can configure a brand new device in the ‘out-of-box experience’, without IT involvement.


Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory vision as a bridge to accessing cloud resources. Source: Ignite 2015

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