Todd on 15 Sep 2016

Are our values relevant to our customers?

Back in 2010, Satalyst defined a very comprehensive and wordy set of 8 values which were to define us as a company. Whilst serving us well, Satalyst has evolved and grown over the past 6 years. The question we were forced to ask ourselves was, do these values adequately define the company we are today and want to be going forward? More importantly, who cares about our values; are they for internal consumption only or are they relevant to our customers too?

Convinced of the internal value, we reconsidered our values and elevated our values statements to their key elements; Honesty, Integrity and Excellence.

Honesty – (noun) the quality or state of being truthful and fair.

Integrity – (noun) adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Excellence – (noun) the fact or state of excelling; superiority; high quality.

In an age when the word innovative is often overused and trite, we challenged ourselves to find a better description of how we work internally and with our customers. But Innovative is the best word – it encompasses everything we do. We don’t need innovation groups to be innovative. It’s an innate characteristic of those with a growth mindset, who are continually challenging, learning and improving. All attributes we actively foster in our company culture.

We also thought it important to sum up our culture in a few words – the result: “Make a positive contribution”. This is an active statement we use to check all our actions as we engage in our daily encounters.

In defining our values, we have set the expectations very high and require active engagement by all Satalyst employees to live out the values.


But are these values relevant to our customers?

We believe so. Satalyst is not just another “IT company”. We want to have long term partnerships with our customers that are built on our values. We want Honest engagements, we want to act with Integrity, be Excellent and Innovative. Our values require us to be open, honest and accountable in our actions, and we work best with customers who want the same.

We believe this approach will give our customers the best outcome. In project and solution delivery, things often don’t go as planned. In many cases this is unavoidable. What is not unavoidable, is how we act in these situations and how we work together to resolve the challenges.

”Being faithful to our company values brings out the best in our people and this directly translates into unique and superior service to our customers.”

Todd Elliott – Managing Director and CEO of Satalyst.